About Swiss Dental Services

About Swiss Dental Services

Greater quality, greater excellence

Swiss Dental Services is a network of clinics that specialises in Dental Implantology and Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation (ROTA®), characterised by constant innovation, quality standards and the excellent service it provides to its patients.

By combining our knowledge and experience with a team of high quality professionals, we can meet the most varied needs of our patients. To this end, we offer a wide range of treatments in the fields of Implantology, Endodontics, Prosthodontics and Periodontology, as well as Oral Surgery and Imaging services.

Mission and Values

Our Mission

Our main focus is to contribute towards the improvement of Oral Health. This means patients can benefit from more comfortable and affordable advanced oral rehabilitation treatments and techniques.

Our Values


We grow with the trust of our patients. We are a reliable solution!


Commitment, diligence and focus on continuous improvement are the key to distinguishing ourselves in the field of Dental Rehabilitation.


We study, research and put forward the best and most advanced solutions for each case.

Focus on the Patient

We take care of our patients in a personalised way, analysing each case thoroughly and professionally.


We are a highly skilled team that has achieved over 40.000 successful cases in the past 8 years.


Our ethical and professional responsibility fosters the emergence of new opportunities, enhancing the social environment in which we operate.

SDS History

Dental Market Leadership

With the founding of Swiss Dental Services in 2008, the door was opened to a market par excellence in the field of Dental Implantology.
Since then, the brand's growth has allowed it to expand its services to another 12 cities in the country, continuing to work towards the goal of providing renowned oral health care to evermore patients.

Our Employees

Working at Swiss Dental Services provides in-depth knowledge of dentistry in general and oral rehabilitation specifically, from the clinical to the commercial field.

Jorge Martins
Administrative Manager (Facilities Department)

“I have been working at Swiss Dental Services for 6 years. Here, we prize the most important aspect of our work, the patient! Working at SDS is a daily challenge and one that gives constant satisfaction and rewards. This company exudes dedication and commitment to everything it does.”

Inês Salvador

"Swiss Dental Services provides a unique work experience for physicians who want to engage in oral surgery and rehabilitation. Dentists have the possibility to broaden their horizons in terms of planning and execution of cases".


We value your potential!

To accompany the brand’s evolution and expansion we ensure prospects of professional growth and development. Join our team and embark on a solid career.

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