What is Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation?

The Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation concept, also known as ATOR®, is a surgical treatment for patients who no longer have teeth and who, due to missing teeth, have lost all tooth sensitivity.

It is a medical procedure that involves performing the least invasive surgery possible, which aims to restore the patient’s ability to chew and aesthetic features that have been lost over the years.

Without ATOR®

With ATOR®

How does the treatment work?

Initially, and after evaluating each individual case, two inclined teeth implants are placed in the rear area, where there is a lack of bone, and two implants in the frontal area. Subsequently, these four implants will support a fixed bridge that is screwed to the implants, allowing the patient to have a full dentition again.

Advantages of ATOR

Oral rehabilitation through dental implants restores the patient’s ability to chew, smile, and above all, their quality of life.


With Dental Implants you will be able to eat, talk and smile normally again.


The material from which dental implants are made is similar to natural teeth, giving naturalness to your smile.


If you take the necessary care and practice good oral hygiene, your Dental Implants should last the rest of your life.


Dental Implants protect remaining teeth and existing bone.

ATOR is the answer!

At Swiss Dental Services we want our patients to see Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation as the way forward in reversing tooth loss.
This is the answer for those who believe there is no solution to their oral health problems. There are, however, several health problems that can result from tooth loss and it is therefore important to make an early diagnosis.

Problems associated with tooth loss:

Crooked teeth

Digestive Problems

Headache, muscle and joint pain

Low self-esteem



Expert Oral Rehabilitation

Treatment begins with an appointment during which an oral rehabilitation specialist will assess overall health through a clinical examination of the patient's oral health. After analysing the patient's situation a treatment plan that best fits their needs will be drawn up.

What needs to be established in the Assessment Consultation?

What is the diagnosis?

Which teeth will be kept, treated and which ones are beyond saving?

Is root canal treatment necessary?

Which teeth need crowns or restorations?

Are osteointegrated implants necessary and, if so, where will they be placed?

What is the ideal dental treatment plan for the patient?

We are waiting for you!

Swiss Dental Services is a benchmark in the Dental Implantology market, being the only network of clinics that specialises in the field of Implantology and Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation.

The ATOR concept is a way to restore the Oral Health of those who turn to us.

We advocate the proper training of our professionals, both dentists and patient managers, to increase patient comfort and satisfaction through Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation.

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