Patient's Journey

This Could Be Your Journey!

We change lives, we transform smiles!

From the moment patients contact us for the very first time, we strive to ensure that their path within our Clinics matches their expectations. To this end, our mission is to ensure that they are properly monitored, not only at medically, but also in terms of clarifying possible doubts that may arise during treatment.

Pave the way to your Smile!

Swiss Dental Services focuses on the needs of its patients, and accompanies them from day one on what will be the journey of a lifetime, to their smile.

Assessment Consultation

From the moment the patient enters one of our clinics for an assessment consultation, they are already taking the first step towards rehabilitating their oral health.

The assessment consultation can be booked by phone, through our websites and social media, and by registering at our promotional events held in shopping centers and supermarkets. 

Personalised Support

By deciding to move forward with Oral Rehabilitation through Dental Implants the patient is opening the door to regaining quality of life. As such, from the first point contact with the universe of dental implantology, the most important thing is to clarify any doubts and fears.

To this end, our Patient Manager Team works daily to provide dedicated support, valuing the human component, to find the solutions that best fit the needs of each patient.

Future Security

Swiss Dental Services seeks to offer the patient confidence in their services and staff, but above all, success in solving their problem. To this end, we endorse a highly qualified medical team, the quality of the materials used and the use of modern and safe techniques in oral rehabilitation treatments.

In addition to the regular check-ups required for the proper functioning of fixed prosthesis, the Dental Implants * Lifetime Warranty allows the patient to enjoy the comfort, security and durability of their new smile!

(*For Dental Implants to have Lifetime Guarantee the maintenance plan indicated by the Clinic must be followed).

Commit to your health!

After treatment is completed, the patient must comply with the hygiene and maintenance care of the fixed prosthesis, because it requires attention even after placement, so that it is functional and lasts for life.

  • Assessment Consultation
    The solution for your oral health.
  • Personalised Support
    A relationship of trust
  • Future Security
    Your smile has a Lifetime Guarantee!
  • Commit to your health!
    Take care of your prostheses.
  • Proper maintenance of fixed prostheses allows patients to:

    Avoid expenses with repairs

    Reduce the need for adjustments

    Avoid infections and other oral diseases

    Ensure durability of implants

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