Our Professionals

Rigor and Excellence

At Swiss Dental Services we strive for excellence in both the medical team and other employees, so that they can successfully respond to the demands of the dental market.

Our expert team in Oral Rehabilitation is multidisciplinary, working in various fields complementary to dental implantology. To achieve this we invest in internal training to provide our professionals with skills that promote motivation and professional enrichment.

Premium Training

From Theory to Practice

Through our training programs we aim to bring the best of Implantology to professionals in the field.

We focus on the practical component by performing advanced surgeries in real-life situations under the supervision of internationally-recognised dentists, providing a unique and enriching professional experience.

Evolution and Innovation

Differentiated Solutions

Growth in the field of dental implantology and the evolution of its techniques has seen the search for differentiated solutions increase in recent years. As a result the dental community increasingly wants to widen its skills and offer more treatment options to patients.

To meet this demand for knowledge, Swiss Dental Services has, through its specialisation courses, found a way to respond to the needs of the dental market with innovative and unique training models in the national dental market.

More Knowledge, More Skills

Advantages of In-House Training

Through our intensive training courses we impart basic and advanced knowledge of Oral Implantology, providing trainees with management skills in complex cases.

Our training courses offer:

Development of professional skills

Increased contact network

Practical application of acquired knowledge

Experience in problem solving

Dentists’ Opinions

Shared Experience

Our Advanced Implantology courses offer dentists the ability to accompany the various stages of Dental Implant treatment, acquiring useful skills to apply in their daily practice.

It was at SDS that I did my Implantology training, always overseen by great professionals, who taught me, and accompanied and developed my passion for this field of dentistry. The practical part is intense so that we quickly feel integrated into the wonderful world of surgery.

Dr. Filipa Pinto


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I was most interested in surgery training, and I would like to highlight the competence and generosity of the faculty's knowledge sharing. The sustainability of the theoretical component was astounding, while the practical component was intense, challenging and highly enriching.

Dr. Hugo Sá Pinto


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